“Hillery offers me a safe space to bring up my most vulnerable blockages.

She patiently listens and guides me towards my deepest truth. She has offered me clarity and direction, timeless direction, direction that I can pull from when I need it most. I have grown immensely throughout the intensive. I feel like I’ve restarted my life with a fresh new perspective and I can’t wait to continue growing with her. Hillery has taught me to love myself and to trust that I know whats best for me. That the universe is on my side and that its all going to be ok. My body and soul feel different. I wish that everyone took the time to take care of themselves with work such as this”.


“To call Hillery a Life Coach is somewhat misleading, in the sense that she is SO MUCH MORE. 

She approaches our sessions with no preconceptions, no agenda, and no need to force an idea on me.  Rather (as I have found out from 3 months of working together) I’ve already had all the answers.  I was just a little lost.  I had forgotten.  Hillery is there to be a sounding board for your own consciousness. 

I must say I’ve known Hillery for many years now, but in no way do I think that gave us an advantage in our work.   She is so tuned in to humanity and compassion, that I firmly believe she can make a connection with anyone VERY quickly who is ready to investigate their relationship to the greater good.  

We are all here for a purpose, and Hillery has found hers.”     

- Karl 

“Before committing to the coaching experience, the daily management of career and family amidst the political/social landscape and state of the world felt, at times, impossible to navigate.

It was almost too hard to focus on what I needed from the coaching experience but that changed every time I walked into the room. I can honestly say Hillery helped me identify behaviors that were not serving me, but hindering my growth. Each session unveiled a valuable lesson and a takeaway that I’ve implemented into my daily life. What I most appreciated was Hillery’s intuitive ability to help me quickly get to the core of an issue by throwing out the cumbersome details and making the most of the time we had to work together in a session. She is a natural life coach and nurturing human. She made me feel safe and understood and I left the sessions feeling grateful and motivated. I recommend coaching to anyone who is in a transitional period in their career, wants to have richer and deeper relationships, and for anyone who is ready to be the best version of themselves.”