using mario badescu + palermo body products

“My skin has improved considerably and consistently since I started going to Hillery for facials two years ago.

She is skillful and knowledgeable—at my first appointment, she could tell right away that I don't drink enough water—and clearly enjoys what she does. She can helpfully offer suggestions for your at-home regimen but doesn't push any brands on you. Hillery is warm, inviting, accommodating, generous with her time, and good with conversation despite my being terrible at it. Highly recommended. (Please note that she has literally wiped away my tears during extractions. Like, come on. How fantastic.)”


“Hillery has an incredibly beautiful soul that has the power to recognize everything going on in your life by looking at your skin once.

On top of her amazing skills, her space feels like you're walking into a Zen meditation space that's filled with little beautiful trinkets, candles, and music. She's incredibly respectful of your choices. During my crazy skin phase, I only wanted to use natural products. I've been to other facialists who laughed when I said that or said that the only way to heal my skin was with chemicals. Hillery didn't question me once. She offered me her all natural facial, and completely respected my decision. I'm also convinced she is a healer. Since seeing her, my skin has cleared up immensely.”


 “Hillery is amazing at what she does.

She's so nice and made me feel super comfortable. She walked me through everything, researched products I was interested in, and gave me suggestions and regimen recommendations that are manageable. The space is lovely, relaxed, and clean—but cozy at the same time. My face feels and looks so much better.”



by appointment, cash only .