“As an officiant, Hillery thought only about us from start to finish.

The months leading up to the ceremony, she helped us piece together our perfect day, how it would go, what we envisioned, the order of everything—even giving us little homework assignments so we would have everything ready for our wedding day. When it came time for our ceremony, Melissa and I were totally flushed with nerves and excitement. To have Hillery up there with us, knowing she was totally relaxed and in control, allowed Melissa and me to be present and totally absorb the moment around us. Hillery is kind, patient, and open minded. Though she’s officiated many weddings, the joy and happiness that she shared with us for ours was totally unique to our union. It wasn’t just a job she was doing; she very much was a part of the love and magic on our wedding day. Even today when we talk about it with friends and family, someone always mentions our officiant:  how great she was, her warmth, or that they made a new friend in her. I can say without pause that our wedding day wouldn’t have been complete had it not been for Hillery Sklar!”


“Hillery was the binding force of our wedding.

She not only helped in planning weeks before, but also made sure that we were well taken care of on the day of. There were so many components of the wedding and it was such a pleasure to have a voice of reason and assurance throughout! Both sides of our family still ask about Hillery in the most loving way.”

–Dam & Rob


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